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KONE Field Mobility tool - a service technician's best friend

It’s a sign of the times when the smartphone is one of the key tools KONE’s service technicians rely on every day when they are out on maintenance and repair work.

The smartphone – or more specifically the KONE Field Mobility app that it hosts – is an integral part of our service technician’s toolbox, alongside their spanner sets and torque wrenches.

Digitalisation and development of technological enablers such as mobility, connectivity and analytics are driving change in the elevator and escalator industry on the whole, and altering the nature of services KONE can offer to its customers. The Field Mobility app is one such advancement and it allows KONE to provide employees and customers alike to access key data about equipment performance, maintenance and breakdowns.

It’s all geared to make the job as easy and efficient as possible. The data, information and notes recorded from each job are available in the hands of each technician from app. GPS location data is used to choose the most efficient destination for each job. The app is even geared to work offline – important for a technician who might easily lose network connectivity while working in an elevator shaft.

Customers are also benefitting from this real time information. Updates on equipment performance, maintenance, breakdowns and repairs is available from an app and also through the more traditional SMS and email. Ordering spare parts can be done entirely from the online catalogue to speed up the process and minimise any down time.

More functionalities are added as we continue to find better ways to integrate our systems together, the KONE Field Mobility Tool app is shaping up to be an indispensable tool of the trade and one that our service technicians will certainly not be leaving home without.

Standing 328m tall over Auckland’s skyline for almost 20 years, Sky Tower is an iconic structure that plays host to a variety of activities for New Zealand’s residents and tourists alike.

Getting people up and down the tower to enjoy the spectacular panoramic views of the city safely and efficiently is a key area of importance for Sky Tower and one that KONE is proud to contribute to.

As we previewed in an earlier blog post, Sky Tower partnered with KONE to modernise their existing elevators, taking advantage of the breakthroughs in technology and using UltraRope™ to bring improvements in eco-efficiency, reliability and performance of their elevators.

Take a look at the end result and see how Sky Tower and KONE have partnered together to usher in this ground breaking technology to an important New Zealand icon:

Digitalisation is changing the rules of the game - not just at KONE but across the industry.

Digitalisation has changed the way we interact with the world. Many of our day-to-day activities have been transformed over the last decade – from online banking, transportation, irrigation, crop farming, even disease prevention services have all been enhanced by digitalisation.

Yet despite the changes so far, almost every industry still faces the challenge of rethinking the notion of what creates value for customers. As a leader in its industry, KONE has been adapting to the digitalisation of the world for some time, working hard to combine technology know-how and business agility, while adjusting to changes in the market and customer needs.

KONE is shaping its operations to make the most of the biggest trend in business by understanding these five crucial areas:

  • Intelligence – making equipment more intelligent and accessible through the use of sensors integrated between elevators, doors and smartphones.
  • Connectivity – using remote diagnostics to streamline how we access and inspect our elevators
  • Data storage – utilising almost unlimited capacity and cloud technologies to gather and learn from our data
  • Analytics – looking at paramaters and data in more effective ways with powerful analytic engines and algorithms
  • Mobilisation – bringing digitalisation into the hands of our field service technicians, engineers and end users

It’s important to understand the digitalisation brings more than an entertainment value or cool-factor – it can deliver operational and business efficiency and the combination of these factors can give your strategy the edge where it counts.

For more information, read about how KONE’s partnership with IBM’s Watson IoT Cloud Platform seeks to address these key areas.

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